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The buzz word is “Agritourism,” but here on the Plateau it’s who we are and what we do. It’s our history and heritage. Dairy is the second-largest agricultural commodity pro­duced in Washington. Washington ranks 10th in total milk production and fourth in milk production per cow among the 50 United States. Enumclaw is home to a large number of working dairy farms. Enumclaw is also home to a number of smaller working farms.

Cruise around and you’ll find goats, hogs, chickens, sheep, alpacas – there’s even a worm farm here. Summer is berry season, especially blueberries. In the fall, bring the kids to the pumpkin patch or roam through a corn maze. And, in December, pick up a Christmas tree at any number of U-cut farms in the area.

Local produce, eggs, honey and grass-fed beef are sold at a variety of roadside stands, shops and farms. There is also a farmers market, Enumclaw Plateau Farmer's Market.

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